Jain Social Group (Boston)

A Social Platform for Jains & their friends.

Non-Profit Organizatoin

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Vision: Jain Social Group provides a social platform for all Jains & their friends. To preserve and promote Jain values, cultures and traditions. To build strong bond between generations of Jains. To enable exchange of ideas, expertise, and experience between all Jains. To build bridges between Jains of various background and geographic locations.

Background What’s the need for yet another organization, don’t we have enough? As of year 2012, in last 25 years population of Jain in North America has increased steadily. With the population growth there are two primary needs, socio-economical, and spiritual. Jains have created many Jain centers across North America and there is a good monument on the most important spiritual front. For non-jain immigrant and indigenous communities their place of worship is often the place of social, economic, and political activities. However Jains are unique in this regard because our stricter spiritual guidelines teach us to use our place of worship, the Derasar, for spiritual purposes only. And we strongly believe in those teachings. This situation creates a need for a separate organization and platform to support social activities. Typically in smaller communities these needs are met by using other non-jain cultural places and events and often results in lack of wider collaboration, compromising on Jain values and needs and most importantly lost opportunities for realizing full potential of Jains.


  • Get together / Travel together for fun
  • Provide Social Networking Opportunities
  • Network for business or professional career
  • Mentoring high school kids by young adults
  • Seminars on health, wealth and education
  • Share expertise among members

JSG on Lokvani

JSG on India New England

JSG on India New England